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Entrepreneurship can lead to significant job creation in a world where jobs are on the decline and automation will only render more jobs useless. In this context, what are the factors which lead to entrepreneurship in a country?  Does access to new Technology facilitate Innovation? Does it facilitate Entrepreneurship? The Global Information Technology Report findings tell us that “innovation is increasingly based on digital technologies and business models, which can drive economic and social gains from ICTs…”.

We were curious about whether the data on TCData360 could tell a story about influential factors on innovation and entrepreneurship. With over 1800 indicators, we focused on the Networked Readiness Index, as it has indicators on entrepreneurship, technology, and innovation.

You can clearly see some outliers in the above analysis.

Click on the income group and see the groupings, you will observe that Malaysia is the only upper middle income country  in the ‘Most Favorable’ group. What is so unique about Malaysia? Any Malays reading this blog, please let us know in your comments.

Similarly, when you click on “income group”, Rwanda is the only country (shown in black) with low income but is still favorable to innovation. Is there an insight we are missing here?

The above representation makes us think and forces us to ask several layers of why? Imagine your business data being shown in a similar fashion, which will force your team to ask these questions and inf insights. If you find this interesting and want to explore for your own organization, do let us know.

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