Data Visualizations Empowering FDA Adverse Event Reporting System

in Data for Good, Infographics, Pharma

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released the Adverse Event Reporting System data including the yearly count of adverse drug reactions. Gramener changed the data for good into insightful visualizations to show the frequency of cases reported to the system.

Drug makers across the globe are taking help of big data analytics to revolutionize their R&D. The data-driven results specify the value of the drugs in the market. But, not to be forgotten, it is equally important to be familiar with the adverse effects of the drugs. The negative impact of medicine on humans are against the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines. FDA’s adverse event reporting system is a database to get the quarterly reports of drug side-effects from different pharma companies. Such statements enclose information like age, drug history, etc. of a person. The data highlights the frequency of harmful effects of drugs, resulting in severe health damages. Therefore, a graphical visualization of such data can assist FDA in augmenting patterns and set guidelines for pharma companies, making them regulate the drug manufacturing. Our team developed one such visualization from quarterly data revealed by FDA.