How Data Science Can Help NGOs Prioritize Their Investments

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Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) released their yearly data for the grants allowed to various pharma research organization. The data science tools were evidently used by Gramener to present insightful live visualizations. Doodle on the data playground below to see how much grant was allocated to which organization in which year.

We, at Gramener, appreciate the exemplary contributions of the Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) for the social betterment. In 2015, we picked the publicly available data of a globally spread NGO to deduce visual conclusions from it. The data was regarding the grants commissioned by the Gates Foundation to different medical organizations for Pneumonia remedy research. The big data for over the past years was unarranged. Based on the records, our data science team came up with beautifully graphed explanatory conclusions. The amazing findings could demonstrate, how various NGOs can prioritize their investments.

Dee and dey talking on how data science can improvise the NGO funding for better use

Dee and Dey comics

The following classifications can assist our forthcoming public and private sector clients with an unarranged sum of data.

PS: The data utilized below is only representational and not actual.