Ease of doing business: Which country aces [Live Visuals Inside]

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The policies of a nation are crucial to know before thinking to settle up a business overseas. We analyzed some parameters influencing the ease of doing business with the help of released data from the world bank in 2018 and presented them in visual formats to make the understanding lucid.

Whenever you see a successful business, know that someone has once made a courageous decision. One of such brave decisions is to expand the business in an international market. It not only brings value to the company but also creates foreign investment opportunities. But, it is easier said than done. Not every company that starts the rat race reaches the finish line. Therefore, a formulated strategic management is a go-to tool for it. Ease of doing business in various parts of the world can be visually anticipated by transforming the cutting-edge technology into actionable insights. Numbers speak truth and data scientists across the globe, with their prowess, make it happen.

Dey thinks afghanistan's ease of doing business policies are perfect. But dee is not ok with it.