Keep the Pain Out of Pharma Regulatory Compliance with AInonymize

Submit CSR documents 86% faster with our AI-driven anonymization solution while ensuring best-in-class risk protection

Why We Are The Best In The Industry

Manual redaction & anonymization in the pharmaceutical industry is expensive, laborious & error-prone. AI-nonymize brings together


  • Cutting edge AI
  • User-centered Design, and
  • Expert Regulatory Compliance Algorithms

to simplify compliance with the evolving stringent global regulatory disclosure & submission rules.

Why Choose Gramener?

We offer an end-to-end solution to meet your privacy requirements, starting from strategy, design to final implementation.


Our 10+ years of domain expertise allow us to transform any business using a data-driven framework. We analyze your needs for data privacy, create a privacy process flow that is aligned with your interests & help you establish & scale a Privacy Center of Excellence.

Our Solutions Have Been Demonstrably Successful In The Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical companies often face conflicting demands from government agencies enacting data privacy regulations & researchers who require data transparency. Health authorities like EMA, Health Canada, etc., have put into place regulatory requirements for disclosing data for submissions that have to balance between transparency & privacy.


Connect with us to explore our UI/UX-led approach using customized algorithms that take the pain out of complex regulatory compliance.

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