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AI Labs at Gramener: Augmenting an Intelligent Future

Gramener AI Lab fuels innovation by leveraging the latest AI trends and applying them to business consumption of data. We churn through massive datasets and construct data applications with insightful visualizations. We relook at the traditional approach to industry problems by: - Embracing the latest research in AI - Identifying and experimenting with new AI techniques - Innovating in applying them to enterprise problems of data consumption **Methodology** At AI Labs we use applied research to help businesses achieve competitive advantage and leverage the latest innovations in the field. We believe in our customer’s data and help them to realize its potential beyond their imaginations. We undertake pilot projects to extract additional intelligence from data in the areas of Face / Speech Recognition and Image / Video classification. **AI Labs undertakes activities in three major areas:** I. Partner with Universities and enterprise Analytics Labs to collaborate in areas of applied research. II. Publish papers and speak in AI conferences and forums to share knowledge and propagate the on-going research in AI and ML. III. Partner with Enterprises by picking qualified ideas and applying them to real-life business problems. The successful innovations will be implemented as solutions for our partnering client for early advantage.