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AI & Machine Learning
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Leveraging AI & Machine Learning

Gramener recognizes the rising needs of AI, and Machine Learning, and has built powerful capabilities into its services to address the same. Gramener leverages upon its existing analytics framework to build end to end solutions in areas of **Machine Learning**, **Deep Learning**, and **Artificial Intelligence** - Gramener runs data clean up, and analysis activities on imported data and applies **machine learning, & deep learning models**, to create solutions, & deploy them - Import of data can happen from any type of data source: audio formats, video formats, images, flat files, databases, Hive tables, text (structured and unstructured), IOT devices etc. - Post data import we use Machine Learning/Deep Learning frameworks such as **Scikit-Learn, NLTK, SpaCy, Keras, CNTK, PyTorch, TensorFlow** to run our models - With our analysis complete, we leverage upon our proprietary visualization platform **GRAMEX** to provide interactive and user-friendly dashboards Some of the areas we have worked in ML/AI include: - Image classification, Video Analysis, Object detection, Facial Recognition, GIS – Geographical Information System, Speech Recognition, Natural Language Processing and Generation