Gramener worked with top pharmaceutical companies to accelerate the innovation.

Donald Trump

What is in the mind of Donald Trump?

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is a force to reckon with. He is not only among the most powerful world leaders but also among the most popular. He is known to be to speak his mind instantly on Twitter. So will his tweets have a clue to what…
Pharmaceutical marketing all across the

5 ways digital pharmaceutical marketing can catalyze the sales

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The pharma companies are increasing their sales records coming to terms with digital technology. Hence, pharmaceutical marketing is booming the sales of the businesses, making the drug manufacturing companies recognized brands.
Drug discovery aided by medical

Drug Discovery research made effortless by data-relational model

By joining hands with market leading CROs, Gramener develops a visual data relational model and matrix to augment the drug discovery for diseases, majorly cancer.
big data from data science

How Data Science Can Help NGOs Prioritize Their Investments

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It is important for the NGOs to keep a track of the investments for medical researches. We help NGOs and Pharma to get a direction of investment by presenting their yearly data in visuals. Read on to know more.

Adverse event reporting system: A blessing in disguise for clinical trials

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The adverse drug reaction has increased so much that the clinical trials before drug manufacturing needs to be more precise. Read how our data visualizations can help pharma companies to understand the seriousness of the reported cases.

Data Visualizations: Interesting Insights on Adverse Drug Reports

Know which age groups are more susceptible to the adverse drug reactions and why is it so. Our data visualizations depict the manufacturer wise information about the adverse event cases reported yearly.
FAD adverse event reporting system

Data Visualizations Empowering FDA Adverse Event Reporting System

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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) release their adverse event reporting system data quarterly. Converting the data into visualizations, Gramener highlights interesting insights for pharma companies to notice. Read more...