Donald Trump

What is in the mind of Donald Trump?

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is a force to reckon with. He is not only among the most powerful world leaders but also among the most popular. He is known to be to speak his mind instantly on Twitter. So will his tweets have a clue to what…
Pharmaceutical marketing all across the

5 ways digital pharmaceutical marketing can catalyze the sales

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The pharma companies are increasing their sales records coming to terms with digital technology. Hence, pharmaceutical marketing is booming the sales of the businesses, making the drug manufacturing companies recognized brands.
Ese of doing business article

Ease of doing business: Which country aces [Live Visuals Inside]

Businesses flourish overseas with the right collaboration of the guest businessmen and host nations. Read how Gramener can help businesses to make decisions for overseas expansion with the help of data visualizations.

Adverse event reporting system: A blessing in disguise for clinical trials

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The adverse drug reaction has increased so much that the clinical trials before drug manufacturing needs to be more precise. Read how our data visualizations can help pharma companies to understand the seriousness of the reported cases.
Feature image for the flags of the world article

Flags of the World: Why the 'Paint it Red' Ideology?

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Which of the colors do you feel dominate the flags of the world? We make it easier through our visualizations for you to answer. Read more to know how data visualizations brought the big data together and presented it with ease.

Visualising Machine Learning: How do we humanise the intelligence?

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By Ganes Kesari These are exciting times for data science professionals. With the rapid advances being made in analytics, specifically around machine learning, deep learning and AI, researchers and practitioners around the world have started…

A Data Portrait of President Donald Trump

At Gramener we've been trying our hands at creating Data Portraits, the latest being a data portrait of US President Donald Trump. This one is based on all tweets tweeted by Trump in 2017. The interactive version can be viewed here Here…

A round-up of #Dataviz at Gramener in 2017

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We've had a lot of fun at Gramener in 2017 creating some exciting dataviz. It is that time of the year to look back with satisfaction and also spark the desire to do even better dataviz in 2018. This post is a round-up of some of our favorite…

Indians are in every corner of the Globe, who wants to visit our corner?

In 2015 more than 20 million Indians travelled abroad. In the same year India's diaspora population was the largest in the world with 16 million people from India living outside their country. These two figures made us curious to find out who…

Open your Excel Application and Plead for Forgiveness

Gramener's Richie Lionell writes in defense of Excel I come from a tribe whose first brushes with data visualization began with Excel. It all started when my former boss in early 2011 said, “Have you heard of charts that fit into an Excel…