Crime against women

Segment the 640 districts from the India 2011 Census based on crime data

Data contact: Bhanu Kamapantula S Anand

This dataset has 37 columns and 640 rows.
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Crime prevalence
High-level crime prevalence information about districts
Rape, Rape Attempt, Abduction for marriage, Dowry Deaths, Dowry Incidents, Grievous Hurt, Assault on modesty, Insult to modesty, Cruelty by relatives, Attempt to Murder, Murder, Crimes against women
Basic demographics
High-level demographic information about districts
Total population, Rural %, Female %, Literacy %, SC+ST %, Workers %, Unmarried households %
Religion penetration
Proportion of district population for various religions
Hindu %, Muslim %, Christian %, Sikh %, Buddhist %
Asset ownership
Proportion of households that own various assets
Electric lighting %, Computers %, Internet %, TV ownership %, Bathing facility %, Latrine facility %

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