This is contact center analytics solution by Gramener that generates data-driven call plan to optimize spend and few other insights.
Contact Center Analytics: Data-Driven Call Optimization

We built a new call optimization planner that generates computer generated call-plan for sales and business executives to optimize spend in a data-driven manner.

What did we do?

One of our clients makes calls to existing customers to shore up their sales. Earlier, they made calls based on gut. They wondered if any intelligence can be provided using data. So, we built this data-drivenc all optimization tool that provides 4 views.

  • Overview: Summary view of revenue and effort being spent, compare ROI and narrative insights.
  • Simulate Call Plan: Generates computer-generated call-plan for current month based on heuristics learned from data. Visual summary of customer segment distribution.
  • Identify Opportunities: SWOT board to pick customers that are underleveraged or overspent.
  • SlideSense:Automated and visual-enabled PPTs with latest summary
This Contact Center Analytics solution generates call plans based on historical purchase patterns, customer scoring, product-mix, capacity optimization and customer acquisition factors.

The analytics solution helps the sales team and buiness associates to improve their customer relationships by extracting meaningful insights from the customer analytics journey.

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