Your data has a insight. Let's discover it.

Storytelling has a 30x RoI. Leverage it.

Experts from gramener conducting data storytelling workshop for data scientists and analysts

This course teaches you how to find insights from data and narrate them as stories.

Data Storytelling Has a 30X Return on Investment

Rob Walker and Joshua Glenn auctioned common items like mugs, golf balls, toys, etc. The item descriptions were stories purpose-written by 200+ contributing writers. Items that were bought for $250 sold for over $8,000 – a return of over 3,000% for storytelling!

Stories are Memorable and Viral

People remember stories. They’ll act on them. People share stories. That enables collective action. We analyze data to improve people’s decision making. For this to be effective, data stories are needed more than ever before.

But Analysts Present Their Work, Not Their Message

Data scientists present their analysis – what they did, and what they found. That’s not what the audience needs. Audiences need a message that tells them what to do, and why. Told in an engaging way. As a story. That's Exactly what we are teaching in our Data Storytelling Workshop.

Data storytelling is the biggest skill gap for data scientists and managers

Data storytelling is the biggest skill gap for data scientists and managers

Data volume double every 18 months. But our ability to understand data has stayed flat for millenia.

If left unchecked, data investments go waste. Data fatigue builds up. The digital divide deepens.

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How can we bridge the gap?

How can we bridge the gap?

Explaining data better can drive a data culture and build a more rational society.

Stories are memorable and viral. They can build a data-driven decision culture.

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Share Your Data and Analysis as Data Stories

Whenever you share inferences from data – whether it’s as a presentation, or an email or document with your analysis, or as a dashboard – craft it as a story.

This course will teach you the techniques of how to convert an analysis into a memorable story, even if you’ve never told a story before.

Learnings from Data storytelling workshop by Gramener

A Sneak-peek Into The Course

Tips to Get the Most Out of the Course

The Data Storytelling training is based on hands-on exercises. Learning comes from doing. To get the most out of this training, do the exercises.

Many exercises are done in pairs or groups. We learn more from each other than from instructors. Be receptive to their feedback. Share feedback with care and conviction.

At the end of the training, write down the lessons learned, and a plan to practice these. Check out our data storytelling resources.

Format of data storytelling workshop | Gramener

Customer Feedback on this course

Customer Feedback on Gramener's Data Storytelling Workshop

Training by Our Data Storytelling Experts

Ganes Kesari
SVP Analytics & Innovation, Co-founder
Ganes leads AI Labs & Analytics practice. He is a thought leader and an international speaker.
Sundeep Reddy Mallu
SVP, Products & Hiring
Sundeep leads Product Development, IP Solutions and Talent Acquisition.
Rasagy Sharma
Principal Information Designer
Rasagy leads the design practice CoE at Gramener and is based out of Bangalore, India.
Anand Madhav
Sr. Manager - Data Sciences
Anand leads the data consulting practice for Public Sector SBU and is based out of Delhi, India.
Arindam Roy
Associate Director - Data Sciences
Arindam leads the data consulting practice for Banking and Finance SBU and is based out of Mumbai, India.
Nutan Bhattiprolu
Director - Data Sciences
Nutan leads the data consulting practice at Gramener and is based out of Basel, Switzerland.


What's the duration of the course?

The course covers 6 modules over 2 days, with sessions of 3-4 hours each day.

Will I get a certificate of completion?

Yes, you will get a certificate issued by Gramener.

What is the mode of instruction?


What is the outline of the course?

Introduction to Data Storytelling

  • Why do we need storytelling at work?
  • How is data communicated through storytelling?
  • What is the impact of data storytelling? (Case Studies)

Discover the Persona & Intent

  • What are possible audiences for the same data analysis?
  • What is the context for each audience: what is their problem & what impact does it have?
  • How can you discover these details about your audience?

Formulate Insights

  • What are insights?
  • What makes an insight valuable?
  • How can you evaluate your data analysis for the best insights?

Craft a storyline

  • What are structures of stories?
  • How can you create a storyline for your analysis?

Design the story

  • What format should you use for your story?
  • What visualization is best for your analysis?
  • What design improvements can enhance your data story?

Deliver the story

  • How do you deliver data stories well?