Accelerating sustainability with data science

Use data science to unlock insights on climate transition, extreme weather, biodiversity, product impacts or stakeholder sentiments

Microsoft & Gramener: Building Sustainable ai solutions

We deliver sustainability data applications leveraging Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Geospatial Technology. Our game-changing data science solutions have been transforming our clients’ capabilities to build insights from ESG data. For example, we worked with Microsoft’s AI for Earth program on several applications addressing biodiversity, climate resiliency and public health challenges.

Gramener esg offerings portfolio

Climate Transition Analytics

Get insights into financed emissions, sectoral climate transition trends and portfolio decarbonization pathways.

Climate Risk Analytics Solutions

Map risk exposure to floods, heatwaves or other types of extreme weather. Derive risk parameters with computer vision and satellite imagery.

Biodiversity And Nature Solutions

Leverage GeoSpatial technology and AI to map nature related impacts and dependencies and automate biodiversity monitoring.

Product Sustainability Impact

Quantify SDG contributions of products and weave visual narratives to disseminate product impact stories.

Stakeholder Sentiment Analytics

Improve visibility of stakeholder needs and concerns. Generate insights for materiality assessment, customer satisfaction or employee retention.


Building Climate Resiliency

The AI-powered application we developed with Microsoft and Evergreen provides an integrated view of urban areas most impacted by urban heat island (UHI) and project future UHI levels.

Flood Risk Assessment Modelling

We built a flood risk assessment model using satellite imagery, a computer vision model to classify roof structures, and other risk indicators derived from geospatial analytics.

Classifying Species In A Flash

This solution to support biodiversity conservation is built with Microsoft AI for Earth. The species identification app is a great example of AI for the enablement of environmental sustainability.

Counting What Matters

Penguins are recognized as an important indicator of climate change. With our deep learning models, their all-important numbers can be tracked from thousands of images spanning several years.

Aerial Biodiversity Monitoring

We built a deep learning-driven image recognition model to detect and account for African elephants from thousands of images taken via drones in the savannah, which helps saving animals from poachers.


Tracking Stakeholder Sentiments

We worked with a leading ICT company to leverage Natural Language Processing (NLP) analytics to track customer sentiments. Insights developed led to improved NPS and customer satisfaction.

Mitigating Mosquito Borne Diseases

We collaborated with Microsoft and the World Mosquito Program (WMP) to deliver an AI model that optimizes efforts to neutralize the disease carrying capacity of mosquitoes.

IDP For Agriculture & Financial Inclusion

Working with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, we developed a platform to generate cutting-edge visualizations on agriculture investments, employment, rainfall and much more.

Tackling TB With Visual Analytics

We built a Command Center to analyze Tuberculosis infections and treatment outcomes by state and districts across India. This resulted in monitoring the schemes deployed by public authorities.

Getting Ahead Of Covid-19

This application delivered real-time network analysis for contact tracing as well as predictive analysis to manage requirements for ICU beds, ventilators and other infrastructure.

Monitoring Sanitation Performance Schemes

We created an application to monitor the effectiveness, as well as financial and physical progress of the Clean India Mission across states and districts. Get a free demo now.


Cyber Risk Threat Control Platform

We delivered a cyber risk threat control platform to a large enterprise software provider. The platform is designed to help organizations build their cyber resilience and secure digital value chains.

Detecting Fraud In Energy Billing

We helped an energy utility company leverage data analytics to automate fraud detection, avoid erroneous billing, protect revenues and track energy demand more accurately.

Facilitating Fraud Investigation

We developed a network exploration app to draw insights on connections between tainted companies, directors, auditors and suppliers. This led to optimization of resources in fraud investigations.

Our resources on ESG Data and AI

Saving Lives With Predictive AI

In this webinar, our expert panelists from Microsoft, SEEDS and Gramener will explain how non-profit organizations, like SEEDS, can extract value from their data by use of data/AI tools and leverage it to plan impactful disaster management interventions ahead of time.

Dawn Of The Geospatial AI

This webinar is curated for any business user, AI experts, Machine Learning experts, and Advanced Analysts who want to use Geospatial Analytics to build a plethora of innovative solutions.

Geospatial AI And Disaster Recovery

Explore how Gramener worked with Microsoft & SEEDS to leverage geospatial technology in disaster management.

Predicting Quality Of Life

Download the white paper to know how to use satellite imagery and leverage Deep Learning to predict Quality of Life.


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