Google Search
Google Search


Annual savings on buying data from providers

7 Days

Frequency of updated data
What do people Google?

A leading media group wanted to acquire new readers, while also increasing engagement. They were spending hundreds of thousands of dollars buying data on what topics people were interested in from a data provider.

What did we do?
  • Created a tool that can discover the questions on people's minds by finding out what they searched for on Google
  • Classified questions into What, When, Where, Why, and How, and presented results according to Geography
  • Expanded this for non-question searches
Gramener pulled location-wise data from the Google Search/Suggest API. Data was then bucketed according to the questions and geography and rendered through an interactive interface
  • Provided the client an updated, explorable list of topics that were currently trending
  • Accurate results, as Google Search is more representative of the what people are interested in than social media and other indicators
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