Gramex is a web server

Gramex a data visualization server written in Python and JavaScript.

Creating Gramex apps

When you run Gramex using gramex or python -m gramex, it starts a web server at port 9988. This opens a welcome screen with a link to this guide.

Gramex’s behaviour is controlled by a YAML file called gramex.yaml. Here is the full configuration for this guide.

To start off, create a gramex.yaml with the lines shown below and run gramexfrom there. You will see a list of files in that folder.

    browser: /

Now run gramex (or python -m gramex) from the folder with gramex.yaml. You should see a list of files in that folder. (You may need to press Ctrl-R or Ctrl-F5 to refresh the page.)

If your folder has an index.html file, it is displayed instead of the directory listing. You can now create static web applications with no additional configuration.

Here is a sample directory listing.

Gramex 0.x changes

If you’re familiar with Gramex 0.x, Gramex 1.x is similar, but it doesn’t display HTML files by default. To mimic the behaviour, use the following gramex.yaml:

  templates:                              # A unique name for this handler
      pattern: /(.*)                      # All URLs beginning with /
      handler: FileHandler                # Handler used
      kwargs:                             # Options to the handler
          path: .                         #   path is current dir
          default_filename: index.html    #   / becomes /index.html
          index: true                     #   display file list if index.html missing
          template: '*.html'              # Transform all .html files

Now, any .html file will be treated as a template, similar to Gramex 0.x. But there are some key differences:

  1. file.html was be rendered at /file as well as /file.html by Gramex 0.x. Gramex 1.x will only render at /file.html.
  2. Gramex 0.x supported a non-standard {% code %} ... {% end %} template tag. Gramex 1.x only supports standard Tornado templates.
  3. Gramex 0.x had a variety of server-side visualisations. Gramex 1.x only supports client-side visualisations.