Booming Sales of a Leading eCommerce Marketplace With Insightful Analytics Storytelling

With the increasing competition in online eCommerce marketplaces, enabling high conversions is one of the biggest challenges for sellers. It can be tackled easily by analyzing seller data, comparing it with other sellers in the marketplace, and putting insights into an action plan to bridge the gaps.

One of the leading eCommerce marketplaces was observing a dip in their overall revenue due to the low performance of resellers on their platform. Gramener collaborated with them to analyze their data and derive and automate the actionable insights to share with their resellers.


The Problem



The client is running an online marketplace that hosts over 90 resellers and even more products. They wanted to evaluate the failure points in their marketplace funnel which was leading to low sales and degrading conversion rates.


They wanted to answer questions such as, “Why the sales of a particular reseller is going down?”, “Where do the resellers stand in competition with other resellers?”, “What can they do to improve the conversion rates on their platform?”.



They needed to extract the flaws in the resellers’ funnel and use those insights to enable them to reduce cart abandonment and degrading channel performance.

Moreover, as a part of the reseller consulting process, the marketing managers at the client’s organization were manually taking over 45 hours to generate the personalized insightful reports.


The Approach


We presented our solution, SlideSense, a tool that generates automated insights from data and highlights the most surprising insights with no errors or time taken.

We followed a design-led approach and weaved a slideshow-story for the rapid consumption of the insights.

With SlideSense, the client benefited by:


  • Creating editable and data-driven PowerPoint templates to present insightful reports
  • Automating personalized insights and visualizing them into the PowerPoint templates
  • Enabling PowerPoint storytelling on top of automated analytics


The Impact


The solution not only helped the resellers to improve revenue but also reduced the client’s manual efforts to generate insightful reports.

  • Created over 90 personalized insights reports as dashboards in 5 minutes
  • Insights reporting efforts reduced by 99%
  • Design-led competitive report cards for resellers to understand their market positioning


  • Sharing insights report in bulk at the click of a button
About the Client
The client is a leading eCommerce marketplace that hosts over 90 resellers on their platform.
Industry: eCommerce
Location: United States
Software: SlideSense
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