Insight Tree

Get a bird’s eye view of your data or zoom into the specifics for crystal-clear insights

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Granularity at your fingertips

Organizations need to track performance metrics across channels at varying levels of detail. If we are tracking budget achievement at the North America level, it would help if you could drill down into the country or city level to track performance.

Our Insight Tree facilitates this drilling down or aggregation. Whether it's a bird's eye view or an atomic detail, you can choose the level of detail you want to assimilate your data in. Drill down deeper or go back up.

The Focus Mode helps you get the key insights from the tree.

Insight Tree Demo

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Our drill-down in action

This example uses the concept of a pharma company and its budget achievement and revenue generation. Let's take a look at the visual on the left.

  • Sales is split into two major channels: Doctors and pharmacies
  • Under each of these are sub-categories like Cronacin, Gluxor and Lasitrex
  • Further under these are regions AM, AP, EU, MEA, UK & IR
  • These further subdivide into countries

Nifty Features

Filter based on the thresholds you want. In the example below, you can filter by the number of insights, budget shortfall in $ or %.

Focus Mode helps you get the most important insights. You can turn this off to get a more detailed breakdown.

Intuitive UI to help you easily sift through your data in varying levels of detail.

Download the Insights Tree presentation

Download the presentation

Interactive Demo

Change the number in the first text box below and observe the tree.

Top insights by budget gap $ if % <
Top insights by % if Budget $ mn >

Budget achievement %