data for good | Fish identification model
data for good | Fish identification model
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Benefiting population
2 States
Are governing pandemic situation

Integrated Command Center

Department of Health of a large Indian state wanted a 360 degrees view into the evolving COVID-19 situation in the state to plan and deploy critical resources across the state.

What Did We Do?

We created a visual Integrated command center to provide real-time actionable insights and manage the evolving COVID-19 situation
  • Detailed analysis of new cases, growth rate, hotspots, and demographic analyses of infected and suspected cases
  • Detailed view of capacity and utilization trend for each of the labs and health facilities
  • Users could see the availability of beds, ambulances, ventilators at each facility in real-time


The platform allowed network analysis to see the progress of contact tracing effort and predictive models showed the number of potential cases and required level of beds, equipment, and consumables

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