CRIMES AGAINST WOMEN The Indian Demography "Based on crimes committed against women, India's districts can be split into 7 clusters..." No of districts in the cluster Crime Rate per million Women 10 Large urban population; % of rape cases is high in this region. Very high rates of reports on assaults & insult to modesty. 1980 41 Large rural population; Rate of reports of cruelty by husband are very high. Very high % of rape & abduction for marriage cases. 1618 13 Very densely populated rural households; Rates of murder attempts & causing grievous hurt are the highest in this cluster. 1174 129 Mostly rural population; Murder rates are highest in this cluster. Higher rates of rape, Assault on modesty & dowry death. 1048 73 Mostly urban / semi-urban population; Insult to modesty & cruelty by husband or relatives is high. 940 104 Dense rural population; A very high rate of dowry deaths & dowry incidents. 492 270 Mostly rural population; Generally overall crime rate is relatively less. 381 Rape 8 % (of overall) Cruelty by Husband or his Relatives 27 % Dowry Deaths & Prohibition Act 4 % Assault on Women with intent to outrage her Modesty 18 % Kidnapping of Women to compel for marriage 7 % Murder 2 % Powered by GRAMENER.COM