For the love of numbers

Let's celebrate numbers by getting to know the most scrumptious of them all!
— By Priti Pandurangan

No, not pie! The mighty pi. You know, 3.14... something, something.

Did you know, people compete on memorising and reciting the digits of pi? As far as we know, pi has infinite number of digits after the decimal point and they do not follow any known pattern.

Let's see how many digits you can memorise?

Select the number of digits you want to memorise:
You are so brave! Go ahead and memorise these digits. Don't cheat and write them down!
Alright then, let's see how well you can recall them.
You have got digits wrong and digits right so far!

Not bad! That's still pretty cool.

And oh, one last thing: The current world record is only 70,030 digits of pi recited in under 17 hours. Suresh Kumar Sharma — a vegetable vendor turned math superstar from Jaipur, India — achieved this feat in 2015. You are only digits away!

Maybe with a little more practice

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