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Cluster - A Behavioral Segmentation Tool

Gramener Cluster helps you group your customers, products, assets and employees into similar groups using machine learning algorithms. This helps businesses define target offerings to these homogenous groups. The product features: - Simplified data configuration - Interactive feature identification - Support for multiple ML algorithms - Autimated insight narration using NLG This will help businesses define and target offerings homogenous segments. Cluster can be applied across business scenarios: - **Customer segmentation**: Group customers of a bank based on transaction behavior - **Geodemographic analysis**: Segment districts based on TV watching profile - **Employee clustering**: Identify attrition propensity based on similar behavior - **Product cross-sell**: Recommend similar products from purchase patterns and many more
Understand consumer's viewing behavior, and send targeted offers based on similarity of behavior rather than demographics.
The Cluster product is priced at: - USD 10,000 outside of India per dataset per month - Rs 4,00,000 within India per dataset per month This price is exclusive of taxes. ### What is a dataset? A single table, irrespective of size, is a dataset. Typically, a dataset is created from multiple data sources, joining them into a single entry. For example: - **Customer data**, where each row is one customer. This may be aggregated from sales data, customer service data, customer master data, etc. - **Product data**, where each row is one SKU. This may be a combination of product sales data, metadata, production data, etc. - **Employee data**, where each row is one employee. This may be joined from employee records, payment records, recruitment data, performance data etc. ### Unlimited usage There is no restriction on: - The number of users that can use the application - The number of times the users access the application - The size of the dataset (subject to hardware capacity) The pricing is only driven by the number of datasets and duration. ### Typical engagement A typical clustering engagement takes 3 months, where Gramener's analyst works with your team to load the data, build the cluster and analyse the results.