Data explorer

Data Explorer - Drill downs from Summary to Raw Data

Every business manually aggregates data, generate reports and visually presents insights. Data Explorer, a visual exploratory tool, helps users read data from any source, create new data columns on-demand, define metrics for evaluation and present visually. Key Features - Visualize problem areas instantly - Drill-down all the way into raw data - Instantly load data and customize app - Automatic narration of key insights is presented to the user as key highlights - Download as PNG, Excel, PowerPoint Practical application of **Data Explorer** include - **Monitoring** sales performance - Snapshot of industry/organization **performance** - Summary financial **reporting** - Vendor survey reports - **Employee performance** reports and many more
The Explorer product is priced at: - USD 5,000 outside of India per dataset per month - Rs 2,00,000 within India per dataset per month This price is exclusive of taxes. ### What is a dataset? A single table, irrespective of size, is a dataset. Typically, a dataset is created from multiple data sources, joining them into a single entry. For example: - **Customer data**, where each row is one customer. This may be aggregated from sales data, customer service data, customer master data, etc. - **Product data**, where each row is one SKU. This may be a combination of product sales data, metadata, production data, etc. - **Employee data**, where each row is one employee. This may be joined from employee records, payment records, recruitment data, performance data etc. ### Unlimited usage There is no restriction on: - The number of users that can use the application - The number of times the users access the application - The size of the dataset (subject to hardware capacity) The pricing is only driven by the number of datasets and duration. ### Typical engagement A typical clustering engagement takes 3 months, where Gramener's analyst works with your team to load the data, build the cluster and analyse the results.