Kushtagi is a village in the southern state of Karnataka with over 308 Schools responsible for the education of the region. In each school, SDMC (School Development Monitoring Committee) -- a governing body that monitors school progress -- holds multiple meetings throughout the year. These discussions that happen in local languages are captured, translated into English by NGO Akshara Foundation to make the information more accessible.

Gramener collaborated with Akshara Foundation(NGO) with a hope of advocating a change in the nature of discussion through data.



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The insights that followed the rigorous analysis was revealing. Across all the SDMC meetings put together over a 80 topics were discussed. Quality of Education seems to be the least discussed topic across the MoMs and committee seems more interested in Management and Infrastructure related activities.

The demography of the school (i.e. Urban/Rural,percentage of graduate teachers) and the existing level of infrastructure (i.e. , Connectivity, Computer AID availability, Amount Granted) also had a significant impact on the topics of focus in these SDMC meetings.(Play with the exploratory visual to get more insights).

This visual highlights the most often discussed topics in the SDMC meetings categorized into 4 broad topics [ Quality of Education, Access to Education, Infrastructure & Managament ] along the vertical axis.

  • The color gradient indicates various subtopics
  • Number of squares under a topic indicates the number of times that topic was discussed in the SDMC meetings.
  • You can hover on any of the squares to see some interesting details.
  • Click on the demographic factors to discover the hidden stories.

Datasource: DISE Data

Rural / Urban
Percentage of Graduate Teachers
Amount Granted
Approachable by Road
School Category
Medium of Instruction
Computer AID
Residential School