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Personalizing insights for every individual

Do you modify the same slides for different audiences?

Vendors, customers, employees, teams — each of them need customized presentations focused on them.

Instead of updating them manually, automate them from data — with the same template you use today

Automating insights on dynamic data

Do you repeat the same presentation daily, weekly, or monthly?

Reports and meeting slides use the same template, updated manually every time with new data.

Instead of creating them one by one, automate them from data — based on a schedule or events.

Avoiding with end-user workflow

Do you copy-paste reports, charts or data into PowerPoint?

Management needs presentations that combine data and narratives. But the data is in Excel, BI tools, or other software.

Instead of copying screenshots, automate them directly in PowerPoint — and edit them before sharing.

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Do I need SlideSense?

If any of these is a “Yes”, try SlideSense. It automates insights directly in PowerPoint.

Who'd use SlideSense?

  • KPO firms, to personalize reports, increase timeliness and reduce cost via automation
  • Accounting firms, to automate insights from data, increase timeliness, and personalize for every region, product or team
  • Management consulting firms, to create beautiful interactive visualizations, and automate insights from data
  • Retail & e-commerce, to share performance reports with vendors and channel partners
  • Financial services, to share personalized insights for customers, agents, and investors
  • Utilities, Manufacturing and Supply Chain are other industries that have a strong need

SlideSense Success Stories

Partner Analysis

A leading POS payments technology provider partners with 90+ resellers to sell its 4 variants of products. Regular performance checks are critical for a partner. A SlideSense fortnightly report for each partner tracks key customer journey KPIs. Automated Insights identify key phases within customer journey that stand out and help to optimize the customer conversion across phases.

Monthly report

A leading technology provider with a global presence tracks its financials across six regions and 30 countries with an objective of maximizing profits. A SlideSense monthly report with a drill down approach enables the company to view data at a desired level of granularity. Automated insights generated by SlideSense help in quick identification of both top and bottom performers.

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SlideSense is available as a free public beta until 30 Sep.
After that, premium templates will be available for US$ 5 per use of a template.