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Manufacturing companies that embrace digitalization and leverage data analytics are bound to perform up to 3x better than their peers. We enable our esteemed clients with a data transformation journey and help unlock precious value from a wealth of data.

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Gramener Supply Chain & Logistics Offerings Portfolio

Based on our solid experience in Supply Chain & Logistics, we have narrowed our focus to 5 key areas.

Supply Chain Data Strategy

Get personalized data advisory and consulting to define a strategy and roadmap for your supply chain transformation.

Improve Production Performance

Improve manufacturing yield and reduce machine setup and downtime with automated predictive analytics.

Manufacturing defects detection

With applied computer vision technology, locate defective items and packaging automatically and do barcode analysis.

Warehouse Optimization

Build nextgen warehouses with optimized demand and capacity planning, layouts, and automated truck scheduling.

Track Supply Chain Visibility

Track every point in your supply chain with data and optimize labor spending and overhead costs by demand forecasting solutions

Our Data & AI Solutions for Supply Chain & Logistics

Supply Chain Data Strategy

If you are sitting on the pile of data and wondering how to jump-start the data analytics journey, we can help you shape the data strategy. Once you reach there, we can help you establish analytics CoE to continuously churn out the high-impact use cases and transform into a data-driven organization.

We helped a global manufacturing company formulate a robust data strategy, perform data maturity assessment, precisely identify pockets for analytics investments, and weave an integrated data roadmap aligned to the business objectives.

Production Performance Improvement

If you run a complex shop floor and plan to combine voluminous data from machines to derive value from it, we have a befitting solution for you. Using our Shop-floor Digital Twin solution, you can digitally mimic the production process and perform non-intrusive interventions ahead of time.

Our solution: Shop-Floor Digital Twin

We enabled a pharmaceutical major to develop a digital replica of the drug manufacturing process to gain enhanced control of the production process and make timely interventions by combining data across the machines and mining actionable insights.

Manufacturing Defects Detection With AI

Do you rely on traditional methods to control expensive defects without succeeding? You can benefit from our defect detection solution that can not only detect defects in near real-time but can also send alerts for timely interventions.

Our Solution: Shop-Floor Computer Vision

An organization’s online car sales grappled with poor conversion rates due to the stark difference between the online visuals and actual car appearance. An AI-based computer vision solution bridged this gap and made accurate car images available to customers to speed up buying decisions.

Warehouse Optimization

Do you run a busy warehouse? Whether you run it with or without a Warehouse Management System, you can achieve the next level of warehouse efficiency using our Smart Warehouse solution. It is 100% customized to suit your unique needs.

Our Solution: Smart Warehouse

We helped United States Cold Storage implement a Predictive AI solution, the Intelligent Appointment Scheduler, in 26 warehouses. It reduced the warehouse dock congestion, improved customer service by 86%, reduced turnaround time by 15%, and saved more than $1.2M in operations.

Supply Chain Visibility

Impaired supply chain visibility is a significant concern in almost every supply chain globally. If you wish to secure a firm handle over it, pls try our Supply Chain Command Center solution. It is a portfolio of solutions that helps you plan better, control costs, identify supply chain bottlenecks, and optimize inventory.

Our Solution: Supply Chain Command Center

AI-driven automated insights guide our client at every step, thereby fostering faster decision-making. We enabled our client to combine data from myriad sources. It brought consistency to data terminologies and helped mine insights to identify where to look first for optimizing costs.

Supply Chain and Logistics application Demos

Supply Chain Analytics for Stores

Real-time visualization of goods transfers from vendor to warehouse to store to identify bottlenecks.

Supplier Analysis & Consolidation

A visual analytics solution that leverages SAP accounts payable data to consolidate supplier information.

Transportation Routemap Optimization

Get a visualization of your supply routes to identify the best routes and improve cost and time effectiveness.

Airline Cargo Optimization Analytics

When cargo moves from airlines to a warehouse, what factors cause delay, and how to tackle them.

Manufaturing Digital Twin (Process Monitor)

Create a virtual replica of your physical process. Control various parameters for better yield and cost efficiency.

supply chain service requests workflow

Process Workflow optimization

Understand the reason behind the delays in your process workflows in order to optimize them.

Larry Alderfer
“US Cold’s digitization evolution is a critical component for advancing the way we support the cold chain. We believe digital is the key to that advancement. We’re pushing the limits of data science to provide predictive, cost-effective, and innovative solutions. Our Intelligent Appointment Scheduler is proof of that.”

Our Resources on Supply Chain Analytics and AI

Building NextGen Warehouses with AI

Gramener, as Microsoft’s World Mosquito Program’s data science partner, is developing Machine Learning for an AI model to fight against mosquito-borne diseases.


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Gramener, as Microsoft’s World Mosquito Program’s data science partner, is developing Machine Learning for an AI model to fight against mosquito-borne diseases.


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Gramener, as Microsoft’s World mosquito Program’s data science partner, is developing Machine Learning for an AI model to fight against mosquito-borne diseases.


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