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A unique ID for the visualisation, used in the link
Title displayed on top of the application
DB Type

Tier # of Accounts % Accounts Revenue ($M) % Revenue Revenue per Account
A+ 19 0.0174632352941 3.927 0.21 0.206684210526
A 77 0.0707720588235 4.675 0.25 0.0607142857143
B 338 0.310661764706 5.984 0.32 0.0177041420118
D 24 0.0220588235294 0.374 0.02 0.0155833333333
C 425 0.390625 2.805 0.15 0.0066
Others 205 0.188419117647 0.935 0.05 0.00456097560976
Dynamic Columns (Optional: can be used to create new columns based on the available columns in data)
Column Name Formula
Metrics (can be used for size, and to derive colours)
Name Field Aggregation Display format Units
Colours (ratios derived from metrics)
Name Numerator Denominator Display format Units Colour Min Max Stop values Stop points Ignore Outliers%

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Max boxes in a treemap. Keep under 200 for speed.
Number of top entries to show in filter dropdown
Report won't be refreshed for this long
Width of the screen. 0 for auto layout.
Total height as a % of width.
Wider boxes (>1) or taller boxes (<1)
Text inside boxes will not exceed this size
Space seperated roles that can view the data
Space seperated roles that can change this page (admin always can)
Instead of colouring calendar by colour metric, use size metric
Colours of the low, medium, high and invalid entries
Show the top X and bottom Y items
Colour theme

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