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DB Type

AWS Spend Jul'17 Level Dept
140421 L4 GIS
103389 L4 BlazeMeter
97927 L4 NBI US DevOps
48389 L3 CPO Other
41875 L4 RallyDev
31095 L3 CPO Other
26958 L4 RallyDev
21701 L3 CPO Other
14829 L3 CPO Other
13881 L4 GIS
10746 L4 RallyDev
8895 L3 CPO Other
8259 L3 CPO Other
5799 L4 RallyDev
5552 L3 NBI US DevOps
4831 L4 GIS
4655 L3 CA Services
4307 L4 RallyDev
4140 L2 Xceedium Presales
3266 L4 BlazeMeter
3246 L4 BlazeMeter
2574 L4 GIS
2298 L4 CPO Other
2136 L4 US PIM Dev
2126 L3 CPO Other
1915 L3 CPO Other
1376 L2 Xceedium Presales
1356 L2 Security Presales
1298 L2 EU & APJ Sales
1238 L2 Xceedium Presales
1204 L4 GIS
1157 L4 BlazeMeter
1121 L4 Automic
1087 L3 CA Services
1070 L3 US PIM Dev
1018 L4 CPO Other
895 L4 CPO Other
884 L3 US PIM Dev
817 L2 EU & APJ Sales
741 L2 EU & APJ Sales
647 L4 CPO
644 L2 Sales
598 L3 CPO
587 L4 BlazeMeter
536 L4 CPO
536 L2 Sales
524 L4 BlazeMeter
507 L2 Sales
489 L3 CPO
488 L3 CPO
Dynamic Columns (Optional: can be used to create new columns based on the available columns in data)
Column Name Formula
Metrics (can be used for size, and to derive colours)
Name Field Aggregation Display format Units
Colours (ratios derived from metrics)
Name Numerator Denominator Display format Units Colour Min Max Stop values Stop points Ignore Outliers%

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Width of the screen. 0 for auto layout.
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Wider boxes (>1) or taller boxes (<1)
Text inside boxes will not exceed this size
Space seperated roles that can view the data
Space seperated roles that can change this page (admin always can)
Instead of colouring calendar by colour metric, use size metric
Colours of the low, medium, high and invalid entries
Show the top X and bottom Y items
Colour theme

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