Custom Visual Analytic Solutions for CXOs and business users

In this modern day, & age, where time is of the essence, we at Gramener recognize the need for quick **inferences**, & **insights** from data. To achieve the same, Gramener leverages it's proprietary platform to build custom data analytics, and visualization applications. These applications represent data in the form of well designed intuitive images, rather than as a set of numbers. With aesthetically appealing data representations, Gramener ensures the following: - **Ease of inference:** With visuals, we can see at a quick glance, our relevant areas for focus. Gramener recognizes the need, & produces visuals that prioritize, & focus, on key areas. - **Hidden Insights:** Gramener builds visuals which are interactive in nature. This enables the user to render alternate representations, whcih help reveal patterns that are not otherwise obvious from the data. - **Democratizes data:** Gramener develops device, & platform independent solutions, which can be readily accessed via browser links. Thus the inherent data, & insights are readily available to a wide swathe of organizations and public. - **Aesthetic Appeal:** With an inbuilt library of beautifully rendered visuals, & ability to render customized visuals, Gramex caters to the inherent human of need of aesthetically appealing visuals.