Wealth Management Report

Date: 3 Mar 2017

Brandon Lee
3635 Rodriguez Extensions,
West Brittanyfurt,
NV 08601

Dear Brandon,

Good news about your portfolio

In the last quarter, your total portfolio has grown. The net worth has increased by 5.2% to Rs. 85.38 Cr at the end of 3 Mar 2017. You are also up 15.8% for the year.

Your portfolio has performed better than underlying benchmarks

Similar investors at our bank has given a return of 8.3%. Crisil Composite Bond Fund Index has given a return of 5.4%. NIFTY has given a return of 2.0%. Your portfolio has given a return of 15.8%, i.e. on par with or better than Similar investors at our bank, Crisil Composite Bond Fund Index and NIFTY.

Your equity portfolio: Rs. 84.11 Cr

Your equity investments (99% of total portfolio) are mostly in large cap growth oriented funds. Your portfolio is dominated largely by Canara Robeco Treasury Advantage Fund - Institutional Plan- Growth option, UTI - Treasury Advantage Fund - Institutional-Growth and HSBC MIP - Savings - Growth.

Your fixed income portfolio: Rs. 1.27 Cr

Your fixed income investments (1% of total portfolio) are mostly in intermediate term funds. This is driven by your investments in HDFC MF Monthly Income Plan-Short Term Plan-Growth Option.

Your portfolio: Rs. 85.38 Cr

Chart units are .

Invest more

The average cash balance in your savings account has increased by Rs. 4.38 K every month — about 15% of your balance. You have been saving well. May I suggest you start a new SIP of Rs. 4.00 K in Birla Sun Life Pure Value Fund - Growth Option which grew at 102.3% last year.

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Let's talk

I'll be happy to discuss your portfolio in detail and answer any queries you may have. You may call me on +65 12345678 or write to me at cary.grant@abcbank.com.

Cary Grant

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