Wealth Management Report

Date: 3 Mar 2017

Jon Pennington
06223 Johnson Wall Apt. 920,
AR 58047-8413

Dear Jon,

Good news about your portfolio

In the last quarter, your total portfolio has grown. The net worth has increased by 5.8% to Rs. 58.55 Lk at the end of 3 Mar 2017. You are also up 3.0% for the year.

Your portfolio has performed better than underlying benchmarks

NIFTY has given a return of 2.0%. Your portfolio has given a return of 3.0%, i.e. on par with or better than NIFTY.

Your equity portfolio: Rs. 58.55 Lk

Your equity investments (100% of total portfolio) are mostly in large cap funds. This is driven by your investments in UTI - Treasury Advantage Fund - Growth Option.

Your portfolio: Rs. 58.55 Lk

Chart units are .

Let's talk

I'll be happy to discuss your portfolio in detail and answer any queries you may have. You may call me on +65 12345678 or write to me at cary.grant@abcbank.com.

Cary Grant

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