World Cup – Australia Vs India, 1992

Run Raju Run

When one looks at India's standing in the points table of the 1992 World Cup it paints a sorry picture. But you should have watched the matches against England & Australia. Aaaargh.. That feeling!

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Early Inroads
Before the emergence of Srinath in the pace department , there was only one name that India could boast of - Kapil Dev. Marsh drags one from Kapil to his stumps. Aus - 31/2
The Tasmanian Wall
David Boon always loved the Indian attack. Imagine Dravid & Boon batting together - the bowlers' union would go on a hunger strike.
Got Him!!
You would never ever want to see David Boon & Venkatapathy Raju in a cagefight but for now Raju wins the cricketing battle. Oh what a relief!
Dynamite Deano
India may have sent Boon back, but Dean Jones shows the Indians what he is capable of. Australia put up a competitive 237 in 50 overs
India Struggle
India lose their top order for not many. Srikanth, Shastri & Sachin gone - 87/3
Kapil's Cameo
Kapil Dev gets a run a ball 21. Legends come once in a lifetime, and India still hasn't found a genuine allrounder of Kapil's class.
The Stylish Hyderabadi
Whadda player. Azhar plays a brilliant innings of 93 at a very difficult stage of the game for India. 194/5
Manjrekar Gives Hope
Sanjay Manjrekar's bat does the talking , yes the same guy you hear on commentary. India's hopes rest on Kiran More & Manjrekar.
4 Needed of 2 balls
4 runs of 1 ball. Srinath swings hard, is dropped at the boundary, Raju & Srinath have run two, the throw comes in, Raju scampers for the third and … @#$%@$