World Cup – West Indies Vs Kenya, 1996

Minnows ? Wait Till We Show You

The pune crowd had gathered to witness Brian Lara bat, but the lesser known Kenyans had other things on their mind.

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No Surprises
Kenya - 81/6. What else do you expect when you face the likes of Ambrose & Walsh?
Some Respect
Hitesh Modi & Thomas Odoyo give the scoreboard a respectful look.
Nothing much to write home about. Kenya 166/10
This Will Be Over Soon
Typical Giant Vs Minnow match. WI should finish this soon & complete formalities.
Stop Joking Guys
WI - 35/4. It is Suji, Ali, Karim & Odumbe bowling, not Garner, Holding, Roberts & Croft
WI - 81/8. Tell me who stole the script?
Kenya Win The World Cup
WI - 93/10. David slays Goliath. Happens.