Gramener’s innovations in enterprise consumption of data

At Gramener, our mission has been to simplify consumption of data in enterprises. Over the years, we have partnered with our clients across industries, to empower them in data-driven leadership. By taking on an advisory role to consult and jointly identify data science initiatives, we have implemented domain-solutions by leveraging our Gramex platform.

We have been continuously innovating in the areas of data visualization, information design, user experience design and machine learning, and applying the latest technologies into our products and services.

Gramener launches AI Labs

To augment our capabilities with newer developments in AI, we are setting up the Gramener AI Innovation Lab. Artificial Intelligence holds great promise for the analytics discipline and it can revolutionize businesses. The Gramener AI Labs will experiment with trends in AI, and apply them to enterprise business problems.

We believe that the greatest benefits from AI will come from re-framing traditional business problems, augmenting data with newer feeds like audio, video, IOT, and applying AI techniques to conceive new solutions. Gramener AI Labs will incubate the successful innovations and roll them out into the Gramex platform and our services delivery framework, to benefit our clients.

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