Euro 2016 - The Weighing Scale

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Europe on the weighing scale

Europeans are generally said to be 'well built', but who amongst them are the tallest, shortest, heaviest and lightest? Lets take the footballers participating in Euro 2016 to find out.
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The Tallest

Sweden are the tallest team with an average height of 186 cms. The tribe of Zlatan stands tall and just ahead of the Germans by a meagre average of 0.43 cms.
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The Shortest

Spain are the shortest team with an average height of 180 cms. Not exactly short, but shortest of the lot. An average difference of 5.6 cms separates Spain from the Swedish giants.
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The Heaviest

Germany are the heaviest team with an average weight of 80 kgs. An average of 434 grams is all that separates the Germans from the Swedes.
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The Lightest

Turkey are the lightest team with an average weight of 73 kgs. Turkey are definitely the sick men of Europe on an average 6.65 kgs lighter than the Germans.


Romania's CostelPantilimon (Goalkeeper), the tallest of all Euro 2016 players weighs 96 kgs and is 203 cms tall.

Shortest & Lightest

Italy's LorenzoInsigne (Forward), the shortest & lightest of all Euro 2016 players weighs 59 kgs and is 163 cms tall.


Republic of Ireland's DarrenRandolph (Goalkeeper), the heaviest of all Euro 2016 players weighs 98 kgs and is 188 cms tall.

How do they fare by position?

Germany's Defenders (83 kgs) & Iceland's Midfielders (77 kgs) are the heaviest defenders and midfielders respectively.

The Republic of Ireland's goal keepers are the heaviest (91 kgs) and shortest (186 cms) of all goal keepers. Austria's Forwards are the heaviest (86 kgs) and tallest (192 cms) forwards while the Spanish have the lightest (71 kgs) and shortest (177 cms) forwards.

Turkey's goal keepers (79 kgs) & the Welsh Midfielders (70 kgs) are the lightest in their respective groups. Also Turkey's defenders are the lightest (73 kgs) and shortest (178 cms) defenders.

Romania's goal keepers (195.6 cms), Poland's defenders (187.4 cms) & Germany's midfield (183.4 cms) are the tallest while Romania's midfielders are the shortest (174 cms).

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FIFA 2014

Did you know that on an average the South Korean footballers were ahead of the North Koreans by a couple of centimetres and kilos in the 2014 FIFA World Cup? How do footballers of all continents fare on the weighing scale? Read more here.

Average Height of Players of each country participating in Euro 2016

Height in cms. Countries are sorted by Height

180 182 184 186 Sweden: Avg Height: 186.00 cms | Avg Weight: 80.17 kgs Germany: Avg Height: 185.57 cms | Avg Weight: 80.61 kgs Iceland: Avg Height: 185.13 cms | Avg Weight: 78.52 kgs Austria: Avg Height: 185.13 cms | Avg Weight: 79.17 kgs Belgium: Avg Height: 185.00 cms | Avg Weight: 77.78 kgs Hungary: Avg Height: 184.83 cms | Avg Weight: 79.43 kgs Croatia: Avg Height: 184.70 cms | Avg Weight: 78.87 kgs Poland: Avg Height: 184.30 cms | Avg Weight: 77.74 kgs Czech Republic: Avg Height: 184.04 cms | Avg Weight: 78.35 kgs Switzerland: Avg Height: 183.83 cms | Avg Weight: 79.70 kgs Russia: Avg Height: 183.57 cms | Avg Weight: 77.61 kgs Ukraine: Avg Height: 183.57 cms | Avg Weight: 75.35 kgs Slovakia: Avg Height: 183.52 cms | Avg Weight: 77.70 kgs England: Avg Height: 183.00 cms | Avg Weight: 75.17 kgs Italy: Avg Height: 183.00 cms | Avg Weight: 77.00 kgs Northern Ireland: Avg Height: 182.65 cms | Avg Weight: 76.78 kgs Republic of Ireland: Avg Height: 182.61 cms | Avg Weight: 77.70 kgs Albania: Avg Height: 181.74 cms | Avg Weight: 75.65 kgs France: Avg Height: 181.57 cms | Avg Weight: 76.91 kgs Romania: Avg Height: 181.52 cms | Avg Weight: 76.09 kgs Wales: Avg Height: 181.17 cms | Avg Weight: 75.70 kgs Portugal: Avg Height: 180.87 cms | Avg Weight: 75.61 kgs Turkey: Avg Height: 180.57 cms | Avg Weight: 73.96 kgs Spain: Avg Height: 180.39 cms | Avg Weight: 74.35 kgs Swe Ger Ice Aus Bel Hun Cro Pol Cze Swi Rus Ukr Slo Eng Ita Nor Rep Alb Fra Rom Wal Por Tur Spa

Height & Weight of all Euro 2016 players

Goalkeeper Defender Forward Midfield Height in cms Weight in kgs 60 70 80 90 100 160 170 180 190 200 } }

Data Courtesy: UEFA.COM



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