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gramener is a data science cosnulting firm that extracts insights from big data and creates memorable data stories.
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gramener has a decade of experience in data science consulting and storytelling and has served many clients in technology, pharma, media, and public sector.

Custom Build Your Data/AI Product

Custom Build Your Data/AI Product

Out-of-box products work well for common scenarios, but they're not meant to tackle specific problems. We leverage our decade-long Data Science experience to custom-build a product, delivered as a subscription, specifically to your need.

We connect multiple datasets, use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to analyze and narrate actionable insights as visual data stories on a modern technology stack.

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Gramener offers data-driven decision making for business users and executives through data science consulting and advisory workshops

Transform Your Organization with Data-Driven Decisions

Transform Your Organization with Data-Driven Decisions

Some of the biggest challenges in getting value from data aren’t technical problems. They have something to do with leadership, culture and processes.

We complement our strong technology capabilities with exceptional consulting expertise. We have a proprietary data-to-value methodology that guarantees business outcomes from your data products. Our clients leverage our offerings end-to-end throughout their data journey.

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Subscribe to Our Low-Code Data Science Platform

Subscribe to Our Low-Code Data Science Platform

We've built over a thousand purpose-built data applications. We've embedded 90% of the common elements into Gramex — a low-code data science platform that novice developers and non-technical users can use.

Build enterprise-grade data science applications in a day. Assemble micro-services with one click from 200+ pre-built components built on Python and Javascript — leveraging your existing skillsets

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Cloud-Native SaaS Products

Cloud-Native SaaS Products

For problems that require quick, ready-to-use solutions, explore our SaaS products designed for industry-specific or problem-specific use cases.

These products distill our experience on building custom data/AI solutions for a decade. You can subscribe to these products on the cloud instantly.

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Using data science for good with Microsoft AI for Earth

From automating salmon species counting in the Nisqually river to saving Penguins in Antarctica, Gramener and Microsoft are developing AI-driven models that are helping researchers and non-profits to save biodiversity.

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