"Find Insights That Matter, and Narrate Them as Engaging Data Stories."

gramener is a data science cosnulting firm that extracts insights from big data and creates memorable data stories.
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How Can You Engage With Gramener?

gramener has a decade of experience in data science consulting and storytelling and has served many clients in technology, pharma, media, and public sector.

Custom-built Data Solutions

Out-of-box products work well for common scenarios. These don't solve all of our client's problems. We put our decade-long experinece in data science consulting to work with you to build custom data solutions on a modern technology stack.

These connect multiple datasets, use ML/AI for data analysis and narrate actionable insights as visual data stories.

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We've built over a thousand purpose-build data applications. We've embedded 90% of the common elements of this work into Gramex - a low-code platform that novice developers and non-technical users can use.

You can rapidly build enterprise-grade augmented analytics applications, using our big data analytics tool, by assembling components in a single platform. As easy as assembling Lego blocks.

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Off-the-shelf Industry Solutions

For problems that require quick, ready-to-use solutions, explore our industry-specific solutions, or our products designed for specific generalized use cases.

Being in the data science consulting industry for more than a decade, our data applications and solutions have gained a commendable trust among our clients and partners network.

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AI and Machine Learning Consulting

Are you exploring how data science companies are leveraging Analytics, Machine Learning and AI solutions in a niche field? Are you trying to experiment with new Analytics and Storytelling techniques to effectively communicate data insights?

Collaborate with our AI Labs team who work with state-of-the-art technologies - Computer Vision, NLG, Automated Analysis, Text Analytics, and Object Detection - in the field of Data Science and Machine Learning.

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Work With Us

We're a rapidly growing team with a wide range of jobs in data science - Data Scientists, Data Consultants, Data Science Engineers, Data Analysts.

We hunt for talent who are passionate about data science and storytelling. If you love data, can mine freaky insights, narrate stories and want to learn along with a like-minded team, join us.

Featured Customer Success Story

Data Science Case Study | Fish Identification | Gramener Microsoft Partnership | Artificial Intelligence Solution
Case study

Data Science for Good

Earlier biologists would manually identify and record fish species. Now deep learning AI models automates fish detection saving time, human resources, and cost.

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