Gramener Named in Gartner Market Guide for Data and Analytics Service Providers 2019

"Find Insights That Matter, and Narrate Them as Engaging Data Stories."

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How Can You Engage With Gramener?

Custom-built Data Solutions

Out-of-box products work well for common scenarios. These don't solve all of our client's problems. We, being a data science company, work with you to build custom data solutions on a modern technology stack. These connect multiple datasets, use ML/AI for insights and narrate actionable insights as visual data stories.

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We've built over a thousand purpose-build data applications. We've embedded 90% of the common elements of this work into Gramex - a low-code platform that novice developers and non-technical users can use. You can rapidly build enterprise-grade augmented analytics applications by assembling components in a single platform. As easy as assembling Logo blocks.

Off-the-shelf Industry Solutions

For problems that require quick, ready to use solutions, explore our industry-specific solutions, or our products designed for specific generalized use cases.

Collaborate With Our AI Labs Team on Joint Innovation

Are you exploring how Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning solutions could be used in a niche field? Are you trying to experiment with new data storytelling techniques to effectively communicate data? Collaborate with our Labs team.

Work With Us

We're a rapidly growing team that's looking for talent and passion for data science and storytelling. If you have a passion for data, to mine freaky insights, to narrate stories, to illustrate them, and want to learn along with a like-minded team, join us.

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