Utterly Butterly Delicious Amul Ads

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Amul butter is utterly butterly delicious and so are their ads.

Their treasure trove of ad pics inspired us to find out the themes the ads have focused on over the last four decades. We also looked for the dominant colors in each ad since 1976 till date. See the interactive version here.

Each row under every year is an ad. The three boxes show the three dominant colors in the ad.

The ads in the 1970s stand out a bit for their vibrant colors. Yellowish shades seem to have been popular in the late 90s especially 1996.

A few of the Yellows of 1996


The 2000s

There seems to have been a change in the color mood in the 2000s. The yellow of the 90s doesn't dominate to a large extent post 2000. Was this a conscious design decision or is it just the impact of the quality of the image? We don't know, but Rahul da Cunha & his team are the right people to comment on this.

Color Choices

The ads have paid tributes at the passing away of eminent personalities and the choice of sombre colors has been mostly consistent in this regard.

Which are the themes the ads have focused on?

Amul's ads are in a way the mirror of the Indian psyche of the last four decades. Be it fuel price, cricket, bollywood or politics the Amul ads have had their say.

To explore more do visit the interactive version.


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