To Brexit or not - Google Trends show Brits were confused

Gramener | Jun 25, 2016 | | | |


If you've seen the kind of questions the Brits have been asking on in the last week or so you'd be able to sympathise with that great nation in turmoil.

In the wake of the Brexit vote and results, here are the top search trends.

The eagerness to vote is evident. They had been asking - 'How to vote?', 'How do I vote?', 'Where do I vote?', 'Can you vote online?'.

How to vote?

How do I vote?

Where do I vote?

Can you vote online?

Most weren't sure of what to do. 'Should I vote in or out?', 'What happens when the pound drops?', 'Why leave the EU?', 'What happens if we leave the EU?' .

Should I vote in or out?

Why leave the EU?

What happens if we leave the EU?

What happens when the pound drops?


The mother of all questions, 'What is Brexit?'. David Cameron must be weeping.

And finally 'unable to sleep'. Oh yes, how could you with something like that happening!


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