Kobe Bryant - The Scoring Machine

Richie Lionell | Aug 26, 2017 | | | |


We took a look at Kobe Bryant's point scoring in the regular & playoff games of his illustrious LA Lakers career* (1566 games @ 25 points per game). He played the most against the San Antonio Spurs (2284 pts in 91 games) but top scored overall against the Phoenix Suns (2330 pts in 87 games). * Excluding All Star games.

The size of each large block represents the overall points scored by Kobe against a team. The blocks within are the points scored in each game against that team. Marked are a few of Kobe's popular performances. Click on a block to view the match scorecard.

2330 - Number of points scored by Kobe overall against the Phoenix Suns (PHO) in 87 matches (26.8 points per game). His top three scores against them were in a losing cause.

His highest points against the Phoenix Suns (PHO), San Antonio Spurs (SAS), Denver Nuggets (DEN) & the Sacramento Kings (SAC) have been at an away game. Kobe had a better points per game score in away games against 17 out of the 37 teams he played against.

Most of Kobe's high scoring games against the Portland Trail Blazers (POR) have been during the regular season than the playoffs. On the other hand he stepped on the gas during the playoffs against the likes of the Denver Nuggets (DEN), Phoenix Suns (PHO), Sacramento Kings (SAC), Spurs (SAS), Orlando Magic (ORL) & the Minnesota Timberwolves (MIN).


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