Did you hit the 'like' button on Ben Carson's Facebook page during the Fox Business Debate?

Richie Lionell | Nov 12, 2015 | | | |


Ben Carson's facebook page gained 18011 likes during the Fox Business debate. The rest of the candidates combined - Bernie & Hillary included - could gain only 8968 page likes during the same time.

In a not so eventful GOP debate, Carson perhaps may not have had the right answers to all the questions but irrespective of what he did on stage, the 'like' button on his facebook page had some serious workout throughout the debate hour.

At one point Carson had gained 1636 page likes in the span of 10 minutes - more than what Trump could manage in the entire debate. Infact Carson's page was very active even during the Under Card debate, taking his tally to 35960 page likes for the night!

Will the "Bots" raise your hand please?

Facebook "Page Likes" gained during the Fox Business Debate at Milwaukee

@realbencarson 18011 @MarcoRubio 2111 @tedcruzpage 1532 @DonaldTrump 1516 @berniesanders 1185 @CarlyFiorina 1075 @hillaryclinton 611 @JohnKasich 396 @RandPaul 373 @jebbush 169 Rubio & Cruz have kept the GOP contest interesting, scoring well when no one expected them to, Cruz especially. The Republicans' attack on Hillary is perhaps helping Bernie gain some followers. If "Social Media" gains are to be taken seriously then Bush's time is running out, Paul's & Kasich's too.  

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