And the "Hillary Clinton Bashing Award 2015" goes to ... Nobody

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We took a look at GOP candidates' mentions of Hillary Clinton where she has been singled out for an attack during the debates so far. Apart from being targeted separately there have been times where she has been tagged along with Obama - these haven't been included in this analysis. This analysis also ignores the undercard debates - you watch them? seriously?

Here's how the GOP hopefuls fared in attacking Hillary Clinton during the 2015 GOP debates;

Ted Cruz

No of Hillary Attacks: 1

Cruz has attacked Hillary directly just once and is one of the few who've restrained from attacking Hillary too much early on in the race. He did attack Hillary 8 times during last night's CNN debate but in every single instance he tagged her along with Barack Obama - none of those were a direct attack.

Noteworthy Hillary-ism:

"and when we talk about the cronyism of Washington , Hillary Clinton embodies the cronyism ... ... of Washington"

Ted Cruz @ the Fox Business debate

Mike Huckabee

No of Hillary Attacks: 2

Can Huckabee make it back to the main debate? Will he last until Iowa? Don't know, but when he was with the main pack during the first Fox News debate he did have the audience in splits with this Hillary comment. When he began his comment everyone thought he was referring to Trump but when he finished it even Trump wiped a sweat. But now that he has been pushed to the undercard debate twice, it may all be over soon for Huckabee.

Noteworthy Hillary-ism:

"It seems like this election has been a whole lot about a person who's very high in the polls, that doesn't have a clue about how to govern. A person who has been filled with scandals, and who could not lead, and, of course, I'm talking about Hillary Clinton."

Mike Huckabee @ the Fox News debate

Ben Carson

No of Hillary Attacks: 2

Carson has not been mentioning Hillary since the Fox News debate. The Neuro Surgeon doesn't get tangled that easily into a war of words during the debates. But with his poll ratings going down since November, perhaps in his case some "Hillary Bashing" could help?

Noteworthy Hillary-ism:

"If Hillary is the candidate, which I doubt, that would be a dream come true. But you know, the fact of the matter is, she is the epitome of the progressive -- the secular progressive movement. And she counts on the fact that people are uninformed, the Alinsky Model, taking advantage of useful idiots."

Mike Huckabee @ the Fox News debate

Donald Trump

No of Hillary Attacks: 3

Trump hasn't been desperate to attack Hillary at this point, unlike the others. He must be saving it all up with the confidence that he'd be debating with her face-to-face in Oct-Nov 2016.

Noteworthy Hillary-ism:

"Well, I'll tell you what, with Hillary Clinton, I said be at my wedding and she came to my wedding. You know why? She didn't have a choice because I gave. I gave to a foundation that, frankly, that foundation is supposed to do good. I didn't know her money would be used on private jets going all over the world. It was."

Donald Trump @ the Fox News debate

Rand Paul

No of Hillary Attacks: 4

Rand Paul speaks sense but unfortunately that doesn't reflect on his poll ratings. Paul's image took a beating at Trump's hands during the Fox News debate and he's never been able to make a mark ever since.

Noteworthy Hillary-ism:

Erm... 4 attacks ... none of them worthy to be labeled as "noteworthy".

Scott Walker

No of Hillary Attacks: 5

Why are we still talking about Scott Walker? Sorry, let's move on folks.

Noteworthy Hillary-ism:

"Let 's be clear , we should be talking about Hillary Clinton on that last subject , because everywhere in the world that Hillary Clinton touched is more messed up today than before she and the president..."

Scott Walker @ the Fox News debate

John Kasich

No of Hillary Attacks: 6

Kasich's been lucky to be on the main stage. And what confidence to say " ... I'm from Ohio. She (Hillary) will not beat me there..." ? Forget Hillary, Kasich wouldn't be able to handle Sanders in the first place.

Noteworthy Hillary-ism:

"don't worry about me and Hillary . That will all work out , and I 'm from Ohio . She will not beat me there , I can promise you that ."

John Kasich @ the CNN September 2015 debate

Carly Fiorina

No of Hillary Attacks: 8

By attacking Hillary too much, Fiorina has lost the opportunity to build a unique image for herself - something which Carson has been able to do successfully.

Noteworthy Hillary-ism:

"I may not be your dream candidate just yet , but I can assure you I am Hillary Clinton 's worst nightmare . And in your heart of hearts , you can not wait to see a debate between Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina."

Carly Fiorina @ the CNBC debate

Chris Christie

No of Hillary Attacks: 9

Chris Christie's energetic rants against Hillary so far haven't helped him gain much attention. Christie's had a better CNN debate, but with Cruz in Trump's good books even a running-mate looks a distant dream.

Noteworthy Hillary-ism:

"And the question is, who is going to prosecute Hillary Clinton? The Obama White House seems to have no interest, the Justice Department seems to have no interest. I think it's time to put a former federal prosecutor on the same stage as Hillary Clinton. And I will prosecute her during those debates on that stage for the record we're talking about here. The fact she had a private email server in her basement, using national security secrets running through it, could have been hacked by the Russians, the Chinese, or two 18-year-olds on a toot (ph) wanting to have some fun. No one is answering that question from the Hillary Clinton campaign... You know why? Because she knows she's wrong, and she cannot look in the mirror at herself, and she cannot tell the American people the truth."

Chris Christie @ the CNN September 2015 debate

Marco Rubio

No of Hillary Attacks: 10

Rubio has used up all his Hillary ammunition in the last 5 debates. He has to come up with something special in Jan 2016, else its going to be a Trump-stampede.

Noteworthy Hillary-ism:

"If I'm our nominee, how is Hillary Clinton gonna lecture me about living paycheck to paycheck? I was raised paycheck to paycheck. How is she -- how is she gonna lecture me -- how is she gonna lecture me about student loans?..."

Marco Rubio @ the Fox News debate

Jeb Bush

No of Hillary Attacks: 10

Yes, 10 attacks! But do you remember at least one of them? Perhaps Trump has a point - Bush lacks energy. He has attacked Clinton's policies but he hasn't done it in style like how some of the others have done.

So, do we have a clear winner here? Someone who has been able to topple Hillary so far? No! Trump? You must be kidding! The Democrats are dying to have him as the Republican nominee.


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