Will The Republican Candidates Do Better At Simi Valley?

Richie Lionell | Sep 15, 2015 | | | |


11 Republican Candidates will hope to bolster their chances at the 2nd GOP debate to be hosted by CNN at Simi Valley tomorrow.

Here's a visual analysis of the first debate hosted by Fox that could give you some indication of how well each of the candidates could perform at the second debate. To find out which of the candidates were asked questions on a particular theme, hover over / tap on any of the themes. Hover over / Tap on any of the lines to view the question posed and the response given. Hovering over / Tapping on any of the candidates lets you see the themes under which they were asked questions.

Walker Rubio Trump Kasich Carson Huckabee Paul Bush Cruz "> Christie Immigration Terror and National Security ObamaCare Role of the Federal Government Hillary Clinton Economy, Jobs, Money and the Government Iran Abortion Same Sex Marriage Race Relations Foreign Policy God

Will Jake Tapper (CNN) be able to pull off a 'real' debate at Simi valley? Who will get the choice questions? Will the others be able to steal the limelight (and some airtime) from Trump? Are there surprises awaiting us? We will know shortly.

Transcript Courtesy: The Washington Post


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