So You Know All About The CNN Debate?

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Candidates spent 19 mins 56 secs talking about Military & Foreign Policy - the most time taken for a topic during the debate. 'Immigration', 'Planned Parenthood' & 'Taxes' were other topics discussed at length.

Donald Trump (4239 words) spoke the most followed by Jeb Bush (3369 words) and Rubio (3156 words) . Walker, Huckabee & Cruz spoke the least.

The 2nd debate hosted by CNN at Simi Valley, California was alive with a lot of interesting exchanges between the Republican candidates. Many say that 3 hours was too long a time for a debate, but given the number of candidates on stage Jake Tapper & his team did a commendable job. The visual below sumarises the topics discussed, the time taken for each topic & shows who was involved in each of the topics.

To find out which of the candidates were involved in a debate in a particular topic, hover over / tap on the bars or the themes themselves. Hovering over / Tapping on the candidates will show you the topics they were involved in during the debate.

Military & Foreign Policy Immigration Planned Parenthood Taxes Credibility Marijuana Legalization Iran Economy & Jobs Supreme Court Appointments Vaccines ISIS Birthright Citizenship Climate Change Russia Politician vs Non Politicians Campaign Donation Religious Rights Gun Laws Hillary Clinton's Track Records China Syria Social Security Persona Each of the bars is a topic discussed during the debate and the length indicates the time spent to discuss the same. 19:56 15:04 9:58 8:41 8:04 7:54 7:13 5:53 5:29 5:07 4:59 4:21 4:16 3:59 3:53 3:44 3:36 3:12 3:09 3:05 2:44 2:00 0:55 TRUMP BUSH RUBIO CHRISTIE FIORINA KASICH PAUL CARSON WALKER HUCKABEE CRUZ Each of the bars is a candidate and the length indicates the number of words spoken during the debate. 4239 words 3369 words 3156 words 2601 words 2484 words 2360 words 2327 words 2306 words 2043 words 1850 words 1737 words 4239 3369 3156 2601 2484 2360 2327 2306 2043 1850 1737

Transcript Courtesy: The Washington Post


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