Portfolio Carbon Navigator

Climate Data Platform to Accelerate the Net Zero Journey of Financial Institutions

Delay in climate action leads to higher cost of emission reduction and increased exposure to transition risk.

Annual global cost of meeting 1.5°C target in $US trillions

Automating climate transition insights can optimize efforts and reduce delays.

AI-enabled data platform to automate calculations and insights on financed emisisons


Visibility of portfolio-level, sector-level and company level climate action



  • outcome-1


    Build customized application or managed services model

  • Greater visibility of
    sectoral climate action trends


  • outcome-3


    Optimization of time and efforts for Tracking climate Transition in portfolio

  • More effective
    engagement with portfolio companies


Disclaimer: The data presented in this demo application pertains to financed emissions and climate transition monitoring for a fictional corporate portfolio. The data pertaining to individual companies in the portfolio is for illustrative purposes and should not be construed as actual reflection of climate transition performance of these companies. The data is sourced from a combination of publicly available data published by CDP Worldwide for a sample of 20 companies, data derived from assumptions on temporal variations or sectoral trends, and illustrative data generated for the purpose of this application.