Automate Information Extraction from Images/Videos using AI

Gramener specializes in Computer vision Technology.

We can help you integrate our Customized Computer vision models into your applications. The solutions are a combination of:

Try any of our sample solutions below

Out-of-Stock detection

Detect products sold out/unavailable on shelves

Car Damage Detection (using 7 angle view)

Detect damage, identify the part damaged & severity

Car Damage Detection
Car Segmentation (Background Removal)

Extract the Contours of Cars from the images.

Number Plate Recognition

Extract the Number Plate from images of automobiles

Face Matching using AI

Match similarity in faces using Deep Learning

Fish Detection & Classification

Spot the Fish from the videos and identify the species of the fish.

Fish Detection
Species Detection & Classification

Spot the animals from images and identify their species.

Species Detection

Our capabilities in Vision spans industries and domains.

CV Tasks and Industries Manufacturing Logistics and Distribution Pharmaceuticals Retail Agriculture Other Applications
Object Detection Defect Detection Carton Counting and Contouring Anomaly Detection in Drugs/Capsules Automated Shelf Replenishment Crop Health Monitoring Number Plate Recognition
Worker Safety and SOP Compliance Cargo Monitoring SKU Counting Crowd Monitoring
Gas Leak Monitoring Tracking Incoming and Outgoing Goods Species Detection
Optical Character Recognition Package Label Validation Label Detection and Validation Product Cataloguing Reading Labels/Signs/Stickers
Automated Product Billing
Inventory Management
Classification Pallet Color Classification Anomaly Detection Product Aisle Classification Soil Condition Monitoring Image Categorization
Shopper Pattern Analysis
Segmentation Carton Segmenting Farmland Mapping Car Segmentation