COVID-19 awareness

Share COVID-19 awareness messages in multiple local languages in your social circles and help contain its spread.



As on April 1st 2020, COVID-19 already has 920,939 confirm cases & 46,153 deaths. As this starts spreading to developing countries in Southeast Asia & Africa, the numbers might shoot up rapidly.

Each developing nation has its own share of unique challenges because of its quality of healthcare, demographics, economic challenges & stability of governments. While a few governments have been very prompt at taking preventive measures, deciding early lockdowns & setting up alternate health facilities, most of them have not.

Our best chance is to stop the spread as early as possible! Today, whatsapp/facebook/twitter/instagram/tiktok act as the primary the primary medium for information exchange. If you want to reach out to the masses, these are channels beyond blogs, stories or visuals. Understanding the complexity of approximately 6500 different languages spoken around the world, we have to carefully create & curate the contents in as many languages as possible to spread awareness of COVID-19.

This site is step towards that goal, to enable content creators work be translated quickly into local languages and shared widely.

How to Share

Simple, download the content from the site, share it among your friends and family; ask them to do the same.

How to Contribute

  1. Create new original content to spread covid awareness, posters, gifs or videos.
  2. Help translate existing content for missing languages. Please add new translations here.
  3. Contribute to our Bhasha open-source library on GitHub.
  4. For any suggestions and feedback please reach out to us.


  1. Thanks to original content creators. This was possible because of them!
  2. Code & automation by Soumya, Pratap, Murali.
  3. Supported by Gramener team, community.

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