How the Indian Media covered 2019 Lok Sabha Election Results

Gramener setup a screenshot service on counting day, to monitor how media (tv, newspaper) websites were updating their headlines. These videos provide interesting insights into how different media companies dynamically position and update content.

On April 11th 2019, Indian voters kicked off elections in the world's largest democracy. After seven phases of polling and six weeks later, voting concluded on 19th May 2019. And, results were declared on 23rd May for the new parliament, 17th Lok Sabha.

The Indian media had a field day coming up with interesting headlines, cover photos and data visuals. We captured screenshots of, how a smarphone and desktop user would have viewed content on some of the prominent media outlets.

What did smartphone users see on Newspapers' websites

Among the Newspapers, we tracked The Hindu (TH), Hindustan Times (HT) and Indian Express (IE). By 09:00AM, Indian Express projected BJP having early edge in the results.

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By 10:30am, all three indicated BJP crossed half-way mark. At 11:00am, TH first reported Rahul Gandhi trailing in Amethi, later reported on IE at 12:30pm. Sensex breaching 40K was first and only reported by HT at 11:00am.

What did smartphone users see on Television websites

Among the TV networks, we tracked India Today, CNN-News18, Zee News. At 09:15am, Zee was reporting 222+ leads for BJP.

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By 10:30am, India Today and CNN have headlined "Tsunami" wave for BJP. India Today, had more headline changes till evening. Post evening, Zee and CNN got active in updating headlines.

What did desktop users see on Television websites

For desktop users, we captured NDTV, CNN-News18, India Today and Zee News. NDTV began the day with a question "Modi 2.0?". By 10AM NDTV answers it and calls the election for BJP.

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In the main browser view, NDTV and India Today had TV streaming video service. NDTV had more compact visuals in the given space. By 03:15pm, NDTV switches to large banner image of Modi. By 06:45pm, News18 was the first to ask for change in Congress leadership.

To conclude, each website had different strategy to typography, multi-language use, break news, choice of visuals, ad positions and layout changes during the day.

Smarphone User: (Newspaper) The Hindu, Hindustan Times, Indian Express
Smarphone User: (TV) India Today, CNN-News18, Zee News
Desktop User: (TV) NDTV, CNN-News18, India Today, Zee News
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Pratap Vardhan | GRAMENER