From Data to Stories

Gramener presents 'From Data to Stories' - a blend of fiction, cricket, data visualisation and storytelling brought to life through comics.

Why should you read this book?

Analysts, Data Scientists, Data Journalists & Marketeers find useful insights from data but often struggle to convey them to a larger audience in an engaging manner. This book shows you how data visualisation and comic storytelling can combine to create an enjoyable, useful and memorable experience for the audience.

Also, if you are a data visualisation & storytelling enthusiast with a love for Cricket & Comics, this book is for you.


"It is not just an art, and it is not just science, but it is fascinating, a lot of fun and I love the humour and passion with which Ramya & Richie have told their story."
Joy Bhattacharjya
Cricket Analyst, Cricbuzz
"Through the charming visual treatment, it transforms potentially dry statistical facts into visceral form that stirs the emotions of joy and excitement, hope and despair."
Andy Kirk
Data Visualisation Author & Educator
"'From Data to Stories' by Richie & Ramya is a fun introduction to using comics for presenting data. It's a nice demonstration and advocacy of using comics for science communication."
Neil Cohn, Ph.D.
Tilburg University
"... the comic format used in this book make what some people think is a dry topic (data), more impactful and appealing."
Simon Taufel
Former Cricket Umpire & Former member of the ICC Elite Umpire Panel
"... a unique niche in the world of data visualisation books ... 'From Data to stories'... is a delightful read ..."
Neil Richards
Former DVS Knowledge Director
Full Review in Nightingale
"... A superb use of Cricket as a teaching method... It is an excellent effort that should be useful to anyone who wants to tell an engaging story with data in an insightful manner."
Arunabha Sengupta
Cricket Historian & Author
Full Review in
"... But even though the cricket & human stories are engaging, this book is really about so much more. The approach outlined here could also be used to bring otherwise dull or repetitive data to life. I can think of Financial Services businesses, Retailers or Government departments where this could breathe fresh life into tired dashboards ..."
Paul Laughlin
Founder - Laughlin Consultancy Ltd
Full Review in
"... Ich bin begeistert von diesem niedrigschwelligen 'Lernpaket' bestehend aus Beispielcomic, sanftem :-) Lehrbuch, Software und Community. ..."
Annette Hexelschneider
Expert for Effective knowledge
Full Review (German) in
"... From Data To Stories ... provides a fresh pedagogic intervention to data-based storytelling."
Arnapurna Rath, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, IIT Gandhinagar
Full Review in
Manoj Singh Rana
IIT Gandhinagar
"From Data to Stories is a colorful and comprehensive guide to combining data and comics. This is such an exciting way to tell data stories, and Richie and Ramya break it down so anyone can do it!"
Alli Torban
Information Design Consultant
"‘From Data to Stories’ is a unique book by Ramya & Richie. I liked the idea of how Cricket matches can be relived through a good mix of narration & data, that too in comic story format. Hope this book inspires innovation in Cricket reporting. A must read if you are a Cricket fan."
Anjum Chopra
Former Indian Cricketer, Sportscaster
"I'm a fan of less formal data storytelling–getting to the heart of the matter and explaining it in a way that really connects with an audience in a human way. Data comics are an effective way to do this and this book demonstrates it well with its graphic novel full of cricket data, and advice all along the way about how to create such a data comic."
Bill Shander
Public Speaker & Data Visualization Practitioner
"From Data to Stories provides a new perspective on making data accessible to audiences. This book shows how comics and visualisations of data can be used together to convey information. The online comics generator used for the book makes it easy for novices to incorporate comics with data presentations from Excel."
Russell Willerton, Ph.D.
Georgia Southern University
"I'm not much of a cricket fan (😬 sorry!) but I still really enjoyed reading Richie & Ramya's new book: 'From Data to Stories'. I think that's one of the beauties of stories - they can make a subject interesting that you may not necessarily gravitate towards."
Kat Greenbrook
Data Storyteller & Founder of Rogue Penguin
"From Data to Stories is an innovative and refreshing take on narratives, data, and storytelling. It combines pedagogic and experimental components and offers a dazzling depiction of encoding, reality, and representation, using cricket as case study. This work is a new-age engagement with one of the most ancient attributes that helped us evolve as storytelling culture-curating primates: the ability to imagine, illustrate, and re-present information. Kudos to Richie Lionell and Ramya Mylavarapu for a fresh study of data in the digital age and for showing how codes may be converted to stories through comics."
Avishek Parui, Ph.D.
Indian Institute of Technology Madras
"… I enjoyed going through it, and I love the conceit of using cricket as the vehicle … For me a key insight is that comics indicate simplicity, and could help to break down some of the psychological barriers that prevent people from engaging with data visualisations … I also really appreciated the linking of comic poetics with the infographics, which seems like it could be extremely effective."
David Millard, Ph.D.
University of Southampton

Meet the Authors


Ramya Mylavarapu

Known for her knack of bringing ideas to life, Ramya turns business reports into works of art. Apart from weaving beautiful data stories, she helps build cool data storytelling products. An ardent plant lover, Ramya loves to add an artistic touch to everything that surrounds her.


Richie Lionell V

With one foot in technology and the other in the arts, Richie creates entertaining data stories for the world to enjoy. These days you'll find him helping build products that make you fall in love with business reporting.