Configure your complex charts easily. For Developers and Designers.

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Gramex Charts

Charts curated from real-world business applications.

Key features of Gramex Charts

pick chart

Pick a chart

Browse and pick a chart for your solution. Don't find one you need? Raise a request.

configure chart


Easy configuration of your charts by importing from spreadsheet and bookmarking.

export chart


Save and export your charts as PNG, SVG or in the form of code for future use.

Chart Picker

Let your questions and analysis guide the data story.


Design2Code is an AI chart classifier for seamless design handoffs.


1. Can I save the charts?

Apart from downloading charts as PNG or SVG or code you can bookmark charts. All bookmarks can be viewed together.

2. How much does it cost?

Chart discovery, Chart creation and sharing will always be free. Detailed Pricing soon.

3. Whom do I reach out to with questions?

For help or information please email

designer working