An agile, easy-to-use Data & AI app builder for citizen developers


200+ Pre-Built Components

No creating components from scratch. Just use Gramex’s built-in apps, components, microservices, and libraries.

15 Connectors | 25 Processors

40 Visuals | 15 Story Templates

40 Models | 70+ Libraries

Single-Click Microservices

Versatile Platform
These ready-made components expose data, models, visuals, narratives, storage etc. as configurable RESTful APIs.

What can you do?
Upload and render files, connect to data, handle logins, generate PPTs or expose models. Just drag & drop and configure.

Zero Learning Curve

No need to code

Gramex uses UI-driven configurations rather than code – so there’s no need to learn coding. Even citizen developers can hit the ground running. This minimizes time and effort.

Built on popular open standards

Like Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, HTTP, and REST.

How Gramex Works
We’ve built over a thousand purpose-built data applications and embedded 90% of the common elements into Gramex, a low-code data science platform. Build enterprise-grade data science applications in a day. Assemble microservices with one click from 200+ pre-built components built on Python and Javascript.
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Build Any Visual Without Constraints

Humans are not number crunchers. We’re pattern recognition engines. We understand pictures a thousand times faster than numbers. Just explore this flow diagram for process optimization or this visual of the software ecosystem.

Our suite of customizable charts (Gramex Charts) makes charting quick and error-free with infinite possibilities.

Generate Business Insights in Real-time

We believe insights are analyses that are big, useful, and surprising. By automating patterns of analysis into libraries, we make it easy for developers to embed analytical components.Our Cluster solution is a great example of how the same pattern of insights can help analyze cohorts of Telecom subscribersBank customers, and even flats in Singapore.

Gramex enables several such algorithms using a customizable microservice called ModelHandler.

Automate Your Story Narration from Data

With Gramex, you can create memorable data stories by weaving actionable insights together. Automate data narratives in simple English (or any other language). Whether it’s a story on the results of a World Bank or a wealth portfolio report, Gramex helps you generate the right narrative for it.

(If you’re into comic narratives, Comicgen, our free data comics library, has you covered.)

Build Data/ML Microservices in Minutes

Moving a prototype to production is a hassle. We like keeping our apps small, but inter-operable. Gramex makes creating microservices easier.

For example, exposing any database or an Excel file as a REST API requires zero code, and just a few lines of configuration with the FormHandler microservice.

Embed Your Tools. Retain Your Workflow

Some teams use apps like SAP or SalesForce. Some use Excel or PowerPoint. Some use Tableau or Power BI. But every team wants insights as part of their toolset, without disrupting their workflow.

Gramex connects natively to most applications, in real-time. See our Excel mapsDashboards in PowerPoint (using SlideSense, which creates interactive data-driven presentations), or our ComicGen plugin for Power BI.

We work with enterprise clients to integrate their Tableau, Power BI, Qlik, Microstrategy and other dashboards via Gramex.

Start with a Template in Seconds

Run gramex init to start building a data solution. It creates the scaffolding for the app in seconds.

It's like any Python Library

pip install gramex is all it takes to use the Gramex libraries — just like any of the popular Python libraries like Pandas, Scikit-learn, or Matplotlib.

Python developers will find themselves at home creating applications. Configurations are written in YAMLCustomizations can be written in Python.

IDE to configure Microservices

Gramex Integrated Development Environment (IDE) sits on top of Gramex(TM) and provides a simple interface to configure and add microservices and REST APIs to your application. Within a few clicks and configuration parameters you are all set to leverage the power of Gramex to build your deployment ready Applications quickly and with ease.

You can directly connect to your existing projects on GIT, or create a new one, enhance them with the Gramex microservices and APIs and push it directly to Docker Hub/Azure CR or AWS ECR. In short, Gramex IDE helps you build production ready applications at supersonic speed.



Gramex pricing list

Gramex Community Edition Lite Edition Enterprise Edition
FEATURES Best for learning Gramex Best for deploying 1 app Best for teams building 2+ apps
Monthly Price Free $ 3,999 / app $ 8,999
# of users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
# of apps 1 Unlimited
Open & extensible
Enterprise security Only Google login Any login/SSO method Any login/SSO method
# of IDE licenses None None 5
Product Support None Major releases & Shared support Patch releases & Dedicated support
Pick a plan that suits you
Community Edition

Lite Edition

Enterprise Edition

Developing models to fight dengue with AI

Gramener, as Microsoft’s World mosquito Program’s data science partner, is developing Machine Learning for an AI model to fight against mosquito-borne diseases.

Download Case Study

Developing models to fight dengue with AI

Gramener, as Microsoft’s World mosquito Program’s data science partner, is developing Machine Learning for an AI model to fight against mosquito-borne diseases.

Download Case Study

Developing models to fight dengue with AI

Gramener, as Microsoft’s World mosquito Program’s data science partner, is developing Machine Learning for an AI model to fight against mosquito-borne diseases.


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Gramex is a low-code development platform that contains microservices, configurations, and other boilerplate components for developing data apps. It also integrates seamlessly with your existing frameworks. This means you can get your app up and running in a matter of days, not months.

Gramex has components for all your needs. Whether you;re looking for data connectors, file handlers, or AI/ML model handlers, Gramex has a microservice for all your needs. Data visualizations are instant and minutely customizable with Gramex Charts.

Anyone with basic programming knowledge, including citizen developers. You don’t have to write code unless you want to. Gramex’s modular nature enables drag-and-drop capabilities to build and configure your apps. 

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