About Chart

Visualize tabular data as a colored table, the intensity / hue of the color representing the data values.

Tags: Vega

Heatmap supports these features
  1. Axis label - padding - Control padding for axes labels
  2. Axis label, title - colors - Control colors for axes labels
  3. Code export - Developers can export chart configuration as code
  4. Color controls - Change color of chart element (ex: bar/line)
  5. Data Reactiveness - Change data in data table updates the chart
  6. Font family for all texts - Control font family for labels, ticks, title
  7. Help attribute - Description on how to use specific options
  8. Import URL - Import data using spreadsheet
  9. PNG export - Export chart as a PNG
  10. SVG export - Export chart as a SVG
  11. Title options - Control font size, font family, font color and text
  12. Tooltip - Visible tooltip on chart
and does not support
  1. Toggle text labels - Enable or disable all text labels
Options Help
Data input
Import data from URL (import sample data)
Date format should be as in the default dataset. Data is editable except for date/time columns.